Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Starting Soon

Truthfully, this blog is mainly for me. I used to study Tarot with an amazing teacher. For some reason, I stopped reading when I moved away from her, and my Tarot cards go mostly unused. I always say that I'll pick them back up, but I never do.

Every weekend, I'll pick a card to focus on, and I'll share my work with whatever random folks on the net might want to read it. Truthfully, I don't expect anyone to actually read this!

That being said, here's some background information about me.

I started studying Tarot about six or so years ago. My teacher taught using the Rider Waite style decks, and I brought a Greek Mythology deck of that a friend gave to me after being unable to figure it out. Her system was based very much on your relationship with the cards, and I had no relationship with these cards - I know very little Greek mythology. A friend was taking the class with me, and she always knew what mythos the cards were about, so I gifted the deck to her.

My teacher gave me her old Morgan Greer deck. She had a new deck (same cards just newer), and I powdered up her old cards, cleansed them, and dedicated them. That Arizona can really dedicate cards because we got along fabulously! Interestingly enough, we realized that no matter what, I got happy readings. My teacher nicknamed it my Pollyanna deck, and I set about searching for some new cards. I ended up with the Arcus Arcanum deck. Truthfully, this surprised me. It's listed as a very male oriented deck, and the picture style doesn't do anything special for me. However, the interpretation of some of the cards that I saw photos of online blew my mind, so I ordered a deck. This deck isn't as optimistic as my Morgan Greer deck, but I do prefer getting an all inclusive picture when I'm doing a reading.

I do have other decks, but those are for show. the Arcus Arcanum deck is my main deck, and I only pull out the Morgan Greer deck if I desperately need help finding something positive for myself or someone else.

I'll probably make random posts with information about some of my other decks. My favorite deck (non-working deck, that is), is my Knitting Tarot. I've never done a reading with it, and, in fact, the deck and I aren't close, yet. Who knows, I might use this blog to get better acquainted with my Knitting Tarot. This is really a great deck - go read about the amazing people who created it!

A blog isn't a place for my personal, innermost private thoughts. A blog is a wide-open arena that anyone can see. I won't be doing readings for myself or anyone else and then posting the information on this blog. I might sometimes talk about how the cards relate to my day, week, or weekend, but don't expect down and dirty nitty-gritty. This blog is for the more universal pieces of information that I'll be gleaning from the cards. The personal things will continue to be recorded in my hardcopyjournal!


evergreenknits said...

Hi Jenny,
This is Hanna from Ever Green Knits. I finished up my Woodland Collar contest, and I'd like to send you a copy of the pattern! Could you send me a Ravelry message (evergreenknits) or an email (evergreenknits[at]gmail[dot]com) so that have your email?
Thanks again for leaving me a comment and entering my contest. I really appreciated it.
And congratulations on your new blog!

kadezmom said...

May you get to fire up the motorcycle soon!

Thanks for entering!