Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ace of Wands

I've been a bit slow on getting around to working on this blog, but here it is!

Today's card is The Ace of Wands from the Arcus Arcanum deck, and this is a bit about what this card means to me.

Wands represent fire and passion. They represent strength, competition and growth.

Aces represent new beginnings. They are about the individual, one, alone, the start of a cycle.

The Ace of Wands is about your inner fire lighting your way; it’s your guiding light. Note that the hand contains the fire not the wand itself. This is true with all the Aces in the Arcus Arcanum deck - the hand is made of the element.

This shows that the growth and change is being forced upon you by strong outside forces (the lion's rushing at you), the impetus for growth and change is within you; the burning passion is within you.

The lizard is your inner hopes and dreams. It’s standing with you against the onslaught. The lizard represents both sides of your dreams (hopes as well as fears). Hold onto all aspects of your hopes and dreams, you can use both sides, but don’t let the fears overpower you. You should also be careful not to let your own passion consume you completely and burn up your defenses.

The lion rushing at you can be unpredictable as well as strong. That saying about “with great strength comes great responsibility” refers to a human and a spider – it doesn’t refer to the King of Beasts. He doesn’t restrain himself all the time, and it’s possible that the change will be mighty!

While it may seem like it’s more then you can handle, that isn't the case. These changes are all within your abilities. Just because the changes coming at you are a dominant force doesn’t mean that your strength can’t stand up to it. Hold firm to your goals. This is a challenge that you have the strength for. He’s straight at your dreams and aspirations (lizard), and you might not understand why, but hold onto your goals.

The Ace card represents new challenges and new goals – hold firmly to what your inner passions are guiding you towards. The change appears to be coming from outside of you; it appears to be forced upon you, but it’s your inner passions that are going to light your way. Don’t let outside influences pull you off track! Use your inner strengths to guide you forward through these changes.

REMEMBER: The change is being forced from outside of you, but your inner passions and dreams are what will light your way through this change.

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